My Dream and the Path from There to Here

Gaming has been a huge part of my life before we even knew of it as gaming. I played my first video game on the Apple IIGS, it was Oregon Trail and I never made it all the way to the end. From the first time I set eyes on the machine, with its state--of-the-art five-inch floppy disks, I knew that whatever I was going to do with my life, computers were going to be a huge part of it. There was something magical about these machines and the way they could allow us to explore fantastic worlds in a way we couldn't before. Later, my brothers and I were fortunate enough to get a second-hand Nintendo Entertainment System and we got to experience video games in our house for the first time. Platformers such as Super Mario Bros. were fun, but the games that really inspired me were Legend of Zelda, Dragon Warrior, now Dragon Quest and other RPG's which actually had a story to tell and a place for me in it. I remember dreaming about making a really cool RPG and having all my friends play i


Hello and welcome to my blog, Inside the Blue Bubble! In this blog, I hope to share with you some of my insights as a blind developer making audio games. At the time of this writing, I have been an admin for a popular MOO for roughly 4 years and have released 1 audio game for both Windows and Linux. I have 2 more in the works! Stay tuned as more is sure to come!